Top Restaurant Cities: The Debate Continues

The fine folks over at Forbes Traveler have weighed in on U.S. cities where the restaurant scene is reason alone to hop in your car or on a plane this summer. Although they admit that there are foodie-friendly cities throughout our nation, they direct culinary tourists to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (“America’s great foodie town”), Chicago, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.

The list is, in my opinion, a bit slim as we’ve become a nation of gourmands, and most major metropolitan areas are culinary destinations in their own right. What cities do you think should’ve made the list? Tell us by sharing a comment here or over at Facebook.


  1. says

    NYC is a top city. So is Los Angeles. Latin American (Mexico, El Salvador) and Sushi/Japanese food is excellent here. Paris is tops too. I heard London started the whole pork craze a few years back.

  2. Jennie Tom says

    Definitely New York! With over 3000 places to choose from, it’s a shame we only have one mouth and one stomach.

  3. says

    Cleveland Ohio, best kept secret city in the US where great restaurants are concerned. Choices are endless, from Chinese, Thai, Brazilan, Cuban, Slovinian, French, Italian to American. And the best part is you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a great meal.

  4. Paul Tolchinsky says

    Cleveland ranks right up there. I have traveled the US and many spots in the world and Cleveland has some of the best chef/owner restaurants anywhere. Creative food, highest quality, and an ever changing landscape. If you have never been try the East 4th Street Enclave or Shaker Square area’s for great selections in very prety settings.

  5. bill holston says

    Actually, Dallas is a great restaurant city. We have great 5 stars, lots of small bistros and every ethnic food you could name.

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