Facebook Connect Now on OpenTable

facebook-logoOpenTable has launched Facebook Connect. Now, when you’re making a reservation on OpenTable, you can choose to share it using Facebook Connect. In just one click, your Facebook friends will know that you reserved a table using OpenTable.

You can also use Facebook Connect to share restaurant reviews with your fellow Facebook foodies. After you’ve dined at an OpenTable restaurant, fill out our dining feedback form and click the “Publish to Facebook” button. Raise your reputation as a restaurant reviewer, compare experiences with your friends, and comment on other reviews.

Start sharing your dining experiences today!


  1. Ken Snider says

    I absolutely LOVE this feature, except for one glaring oversight: If you fill out your review via the opentable.com website link in your profile, versus waiting for the review email to arrive, you do NOT get the option to use Facebook connect. At all. The only way that it seems you can publish your review to facebook is to wait for the review request email. It would be nice if it worked from the site as well!

  2. says

    My husband I love Culvers! They have very good ice cream, concretes, etc. They also have a very good pork tenderloin. Also, for a little classier restaurant – McKenzie’s is fantastic!

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