Restaurant Critic Frank Bruni to Leave New York Times

frank-bruniMuch-loved (and oft-maligned) restaurant critic Frank Bruni is leaving the New York Times this fall, and hearts are breaking all over the world. The twitterverse was, well, atwitter about his imminent departure, and food bloggers are already speculating about possible replacements. His memoir, Born Round: The Secret History of a Full-Time Eater, is being released in August and while he’ll likely be busy promoting it for a few months, some people (yours truly included) are wondering why anyone would willingly walk away from one of the world’s most-coveted jobs.

We may never learn exactly why he’s stepping down, but I do know I’ll miss Mr. Bruni’s witty reviews and thoughtful blog posts very much. As for whom I’d nominate for a replacement, with the fate of the San Francisco Chronicle up in the air, perhaps it’s time for Michael Bauer to set his sights on the New York dining scene.


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