Petiquette: Etiquette Tips for Dining al Fresco with Your Pet

petiquetteI love dogs as much as I love dining out. My husband and I eat out often with our shelter rescues Nortyn, a Lab-Husky mix, Indiana, a German Shorthaired Pointer, and Bernie, a Patterdale Terrier. We’ll be doing so even more during the last days of September as that’s when dog owners celebrate National Dog Week.

Here are my tips for making any meal out a success for people and pets.

  1. Obey the rules. Don’t request to sit somewhere that would violate the restaurant’s policies regarding pets. Likewise, don’t try to sneak your dog into places that are off-limits.
  2. Be mindful of other guests and keep your pet near you and under your control at all times. Even when other diners express an interest in your pets, they’ll still want to eat their meal in peace
  3. Be aware of your pet’s well-being (Is she hot? Cold? Hungry?). While many restaurants will bend over backwards to provide for your pet, it’s up to you to arrive with treats and other essentials (see our suggestions).
  4. If your pet  happens to have an accident, clean it up immediately and discretely. Do not burden wait staff with this, ahem, duty.
  5. Praise and pet your pet. Ignoring your furry friend can lead to destructive, attention-getting behavior. The point of dining out with your pet is to enjoy quality time together.

Take part in National Dog Week by dining out with your pet at one of these top pet-friendly restaurants or another eatery near you.

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