New to New York? Follow Your Phone!

iPhone Application for OpenTable

You belong to the city, but it doesn’t belong to you. Not yet, anyway. Even though Manhattan is just 23 square miles, it can take a while to get to know it (“a while” meaning years). But not anymore, at least not as far as restaurants go! You can become an expert on the New York dining scene in a hurry, thanks to OpenTable’s mobile apps. With more than 1,200 restaurant listings in the metropolitan area, OpenTable makes it easy to find a table at top restaurants — in advance or on the fly.

Great for newcomers and visitors to the Big Apple, The New York Times recommends OpenTable mobile as a tool to help you discover all the tastes of New York in all of its neighborhoods. Not a plan-too-far-ahead type? Not a problem. OpenTable’s mobile apps are great for impromptu diners as it shows you open tables wherever you happen to be and whenever you’re hungry.

Get the OpenTable mobile version that’s right for your phone, and try it out next time you’re in New York — or any other metropolitan area in the U.S.

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