1. says

    Will this become available for other Blackberry devices? I have a Tour (9630) and was looking forward to this app.. unfortunately I cannot install it.

  2. says

    Hi Pete and Dan…If you upgrade to OS 4.5, you should be able to download the app.You won’t be able to use GPS and will need to type in an address or zip code.

  3. pete says

    Thanks, Josh – was able to install via App World. The Tour comes with 4.7 – unfortunately GPS doesn’t seem to be recognized. I do like that you can remain logged in though!

  4. Josh Garnier says

    The Tour should be compatible if you try now. Also, the reason why GPS isnt recognized is that we have not yet gotten approval/access from Verizon to use it.

  5. Erik says

    If you haven’t established one yet, you absolutely need a mobile site for Japan in addition to the net site. Japanese primarily surf the internet by phone now and I can imagine this service being a big hit.

  6. bill holston says

    Hi, I can’t find the app for my 8830, I downloaded Blackberry Apps, but when I search, no open table is found.

    Thanks, love Open table.

  7. Rhonnie says

    Hello, I also have a Curve 8330, downloaded Blackberry Apps and I cannot find Open Table when I searched. Whats the deal?

  8. says


    Thanks for the link via It worked and now I found other apps for my Blackberry. Now off to a 1,000 point dinner!

  9. Matt says

    I DL’d the app in hopes to have it and I have been unsuccessful at getting it to work. I keep getting the Tunnel Failed error and I even went in and double checked my TCP connection. I had set it up prior to using my BB as a modem so the APN is still in there and was working. It’s too bad because I would really like to have it available on my 8320 Curve specially since TMobile rox and doesn’t charge extra on these sort of things.

  10. Marc says

    The BB Appworld download does not work (unless you also download the huge BB Appworld application, apparently). The getjar download is just a shortcut to, which does not load well on the BB browser due to an XML error.

    can you offer a download of the BB app from your own website? That would be so much easier.

  11. Marc says

    I can report that the download from the BB AppWorld app itself works fine. That’s probably the best way to download BB apps because you can then manage it with your other apps in My World.


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