OpenTable for Android Now Available

opentable-for-androidOpenTable is pleased to announce that OpenTable for Android is here. Users of the open source Android platform can now enjoy the convenience of making confirmated restaurant reservations on the go and in an instant at more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide. OpenTable for Android allows diners to:

• Find nearby restaurants and see real-time availability
• Display restaurants on an interactive map
• Refine by cuisine, price, points and availability
• View restaurant profile pages with detailed information, including photos, menus and diner reviews
• Send an invite to fellow diners via email
• Get directions to the restaurant
• Earn Dining Rewards Points including 1,000 Dining Points on eligible dining times.

OpenTable for Android also leverages the Android platform’s unique integration capability between applications. Using this feature, WHERE® and GoodFood, two location-based applications in Android Market™, now enable their users to make restaurant reservations via OpenTable when they are on the go.  WHERE® users on Android powered-devices will not only be able to search for restaurants nearby and read reviews, but they will also be able to book reservations while on the go. The GoodFood application makes it easier and faster to find and share restaurant recommendations.

Download OpenTable for Android for free from Android Market on Android-powered devices today. To learn more about OpenTable’s mobile applications for smartphones, click here.

15 Responses to “OpenTable for Android Now Available”

  1. Ivan

    Perhaps we can get a mobile application for Windows Mobile, you know, the one that’s been out longer and has more users than Android/WebOS combined?

  2. Jon

    Windows Mobile LOL! It is a terrible, terrible platform.

  3. Sweet!

    Thank you for supporting this open development platform!! Hopefully other forward-thinking companies will take note!

  4. Joshua

    I’m not sure if anyone follows these comments, but I have a feature suggestion for the next version:

    Would it be possible for the app to put the reservation in the user’s calendar?

  5. John

    Nice, but it’s not very location-friendly unless GPS has a clear view of the sky. You can’t tell it where you are, and it doesn’t use the approximate location information that comes from the cell network (like Google Maps does). So if you’re indoors, it’s likely to tell you about restaurants near where you last were outdoors when you used GPS.

  6. Jo

    Will Opentable be releasing upcoming versions that support 320×480? Currently, I can not find the app on my Android market and I’m speculating it’s because of the resolution issue.

  7. Carol Furlong

    I find the app useless as i can’t sign in and see my reservations. As i usually use my daytime PC to make the reservations and only use the OP for Android link from my smartphone while out at night, if I can’t check my reservations from my phone it’s useless. Please fix this.

  8. Kay

    I concur with Carol above. How can I change my userid for my android app? It automatically chooses my gmail account which is not my “regular” opentable user id. There should be a way to update the user id or to “log in” with your user id on the andriod app. Any suggestions?


  9. Kay

    One more thought. I see that at least I can make reservations using my regular opentable user id. But is there a way to see my current reservations?


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