Michelin Picks New York’s Best Restaurants for 2010

michelin-new-york-2010The Michelin Guide New York City Restaurants 2010 is out, and New York’s restaurateurs have more to be proud of than ever before. Five Manhattan restaurants received the coveted rating of three stars, including Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, and Per Se. While even a single star from Michelin is impressive and indicates that a restaurant is very good, three stars means that a restaurant is a destination in and of itself, worthy of a special culinary expedition.

New to the list are A Voce, Bouley, Convivio, Corton, Eleven Madison Park, Marea, Rouge Tomate, Seasonal, and SHO Shaun Hergatt, among others.

Congratulations to all the restaurants included on this influential list. Reserve a table at these restaurants today to find out if you agree with Michelin’s team of anonymous experts.


  1. Rosanne Boisvewrt says


    Quoi, Jean Georges, 3 étoiles???!!! Nous étions au restaurant Jean Georges samedi soir (20 mars). Quelle déception!
    Bruyant comme cela ne se peut pas! Tables excessivement collées les unes aux autres. La nôtre était dans la porte de la cuisine. On a même cogné l’arrière de ma tête avec un plat… sans s’excuser! Nous (les 4 patrons à la table) avons déplacé celle-ci vers le mur afin de dégager le passage! Le personnel très froid, impersonnel! De plus, le restaurant planifie 3 services : 18h, 20h et 22h. Et je vous assure que cela roule!… Tambours battants!

    Nous pouvons comparer : Château d’Ez (Riviera), Le pavillon Ledoyen (Paris), Crillon (Paris). Et nous pouvons vous assurer que le service au Jean Georges n’était pas à la hauteur d’un 3 étoiles Michelin… du moins pas selon notre avis!


    Rosanne Boisvert
    Arto Imamedjian
    Lise Bousquet
    Shant Imamedjian

  2. says

    The Rouge Tomateis is very very Good, artistically presented & the wine selection is great. The real star here, though, is the dining room – a beautiful, sleek airy space. I usually focus on food & don’t pay much attention to decor, but I absolutely loved the sleek modern decor here, which featured perhaps the ultimate luxury in Manhattan – open space. Twice as many tables could easily have been squeezed into the upstairs room.

    I though the food was a bit pricey for the portion size, but I enjoyed the overall experience.

  3. Rosanne Boisvewrt says

    You have to be jocking! What???
    Dining room : beautiful??? How??? Tables of different sizes??? Windows without decoration??? No paintings hanging on the walls??? no flowers??? Sorry, but I need more than that!!! Really!!! Right, you don’t pay any attention on the decor… and to the service!!! You want to know about «open space»??? Please feel welcome to «Toqué» in Montréal. At least there is room for the stewards to walk in between the tables without hitting anybody’s head! Yes, right twice as many tables… but no waiters to walk in between! Good luck to be served … some days…! You say : «The food was very pricey.», and you are right! and you know what, I won’t return!

    My dreams : «Chèvre d’or» in Èz (France).

    Good luck!

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