Just Desserts: Do You Skip the Sweetest Course?

dessertDoes dessert (and the people who prepare it) get enough respect? The San Francisco Chronicle‘s Michael Bauer and Evan S. Benn of The Miami Herald don’t think so. Both have both recently bemoaned the fact that desserts are often an afterthought – for diners and restaurateurs. Diners often don’t save enough room for delicious desserts, and some restaurants offer dishes you’d rather miss.

I’ll admit that I have more of a meat tooth than a sweet tooth. Still, I enjoy ordering dessert as I believe it’s important to experience all aspects of a restaurant, including the talents of its pastry chef. When I dined on the tasting menu at Daniel, everything was delightful, but, in truth, the wonderful desserts were a bit of a blur because we were so full. Earlier this week, one of my companions that evening suggested that we return just for dessert in The Lounge at Daniel to revisit what we sort of missed. This same friend and I once had a delightful-but-“dessert-less” dinner at Asia de Cuba in Los Angeles, and we went back the very next night to try the sweets we’d skipped. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to entirely resist indulging in Daniel’s many savory delights once I walk through its doors, but I’m willing to give it a try.

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