It’s Here: OpenTable Mobile App for the Palm Pre

palm-preToday, we are happy to introduce the newest member of our OpenTable Mobile family — OpenTable for webOS. If you’re a proud owner of a Palm® Pre™, you can now take advantage of OpenTable on the sleek webOS interface, which enables you to search for available restaurants nearby and reserve tables instantly. In addition, we are adding the following features on mobile for the first time:

  • Reserve Bonus Point times – that’s right 1,000-Point reservations!
  • Access our “Special Requests for the Maitre ‘D” feature.
  • Read reviews from fellow OpenTable diners about the restaurant.
  • Add reservations to your Palm’s calendar.
  • Modify a reservation with an updated time or party size.

We really hope OpenTable diners enjoy this app. Please tell your friends about it using the “Share/Save” tool below, and read more about it here.

Josh Garnier is an OpenTable Product Manager.


  1. says

    Very well executed. It has everything that all the other food/restaurant apps have and much more (and these additional features are certainly non-trivial). Thank you.

  2. Alyssa says

    Had app envy. Boyfriend has iPhone, but I won’t go with ATT. Have Pre. Now I have OpenTable! Awesome and THANKS!

  3. says

    I’ve had my Pre since shortly soon after release and am glad to find (as a result of this forum) that I can now set a ring tone on incoming text messages and can research via e-mails and this kind of. Now is there any hope for an upcoming release by which I can lookup my calendar? Would make my career a lot less complicated, acquiring dates of final appointments. No other complaints, except that yesterday I used to be in and out of Sprint assistance (not unusual). I think I had been roaming, and looked at my calendar. Every little thing in the calendar was a single hour earlier than what I had input. The clock was 1 hour early as nicely. I was scared to death–then, after we got back into Sprint assistance yet again, anything was normalized. Has this happened to everyone else?? Hunting forward to answers, but please don’t forget, I’m no techie and speak English as opposed to technospeak.


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