Is Bread Worth Your Hard-Earned Dough?

breadpic1 Is Bread Worth Your Hard Earned Dough?New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni took to the Diner’s Journal to defend restaurants that charge for bread. Earlier, the New York Post had taken issue with the practice, but Mr. Bruni sees nothing wrong with it, pointing out that even free bread really isn’t free as well as the fact that the restaurant in question lists bread and butter (and its pricing) on their menus.

I usually eschew bread when dining out, so I probably wouldn’t order it if I had to pay for it (unless I’d heard it was spectacular!) and I’m not sure I’d be disappointed if it weren’t provided. But, I’m just one diner. I asked some of our Facebook friends to weigh in on the topic, and almost everyone appreciated bread and butter (or the equivalent of it, depending on the cuisine).

What do you think about bread? Is it a must-have? Would you pay a bit extra for an outstanding baguette and butter? Chime in here or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

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