Do You Know Which Fork to Use (and Does It Even Matter)?

cutlery.jpgIf the Obamas invited you to a state dinner at the White House, would you know which fork or spoon to use for each course? Perhaps not (Hint: Start on the outside and work your way in), but Chow’s Helena Echlin wonders if this even matters anymore – at least in restaurants. As a big fan of tasting menus, I’m finding that many restaurants replace the cutlery with every course, so there’s no opportunity for a fork faux pas. Five-course meals aside, restaurateurs have become so accommodating to diners, that you can be sure no one will bat an eye if you wish to eat your entire entrée with a teaspoon. However, if any of us ever get to dine with the POTUS and the First Lady, let’s be sure we know a salad fork from a seafood fork.


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    Of course it matters! Are we not already witnessing the death of civility nearly everywhere we turn? I, for one, resent the implication that knowing and using the correct cutlery is somehow fussy, stodgy, or pretentious. It’s simply a matter of good breeding and manners. If one has not been sufficiently fortunate to have been born with the former, one can certainly take the trouble to acquire the latter.

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