Are Restaurants Trying to Influence What You Order?

menuThis week, Grub Street calls out restaurants for trying to manipulate what diners order via carefully designed and well-written menus. Um, I should really hope they’re doing that. Give me a menu that sells me on how scrumptious an entrée is or a server who swears by a certain dish any day. Are you worried that you’re being unduly influenced? Find out what tactics to look out for – and learn which restaurants are using them.


  1. Carla J says

    I’m with you. Of course menus should be well crafted, thought out, marketing tools. Restaurants are trying to sell something. In addition to food it might also be atmosphere, reputation and an impressive wine list, but the core of the business is, after all, food. And someone who doesn’t know that pommes frites are indeed french fries might just be at the wrong restaurant.

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